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Bachelor of Computer Science

Explanations of the examination regulations and procedures in the Bachelor of Computer Science

General Information

There are several variants of the major in Computer Science at the LMU:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science + Computational Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science + Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science + Statistics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in the amount of 150 ECTS (30 ECTS minor subject required)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in the amount of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS minor subject required)

The Bachelor of Computer Science can also be studied as a minor subject:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science in the amount of 60 ECTS (120 ECTS major required)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in the amount of 30 ECTS (150 ECTS major required)



The study regulations are on the LMU website and on the website of our course coordinator Dr. Reinhold Letz can be seen, who also helps in his office hours with more difficult problems in the course of the study.

The current examination and study regulations are from October 20, 2010 with an amendment of August 17, 2015. A revision is expected soon.

  • LMU homepage:
  • Letz:

The website of the course coordinator Letz given above contains many useful links and is extremely worth reading for every computer science student!

Most important points of the PStO

The course can be started in the winter semester as well as in the summer semester. The maximum duration of study is 8 semesters. In exceptional cases, the study time can be extended to 9 semesters.

The subjects "Introduction to Programming" and "Programming and Modeling" are the only components of the basic and orientation exam in the Bachelor of Computer Science. Any subject of the GOP must be passed within 3 semesters, otherwise there is a risk of deregistration.

Exams that have not been passed can be repeated as often as required up to the maximum length of study. In addition, exams that have already been passed can be repeated once to improve grades.
It should be noted that a few modules (SEP / system internship, bachelor thesis and defense) are excluded from this regulation.

A recommendation of the study plan can be found in the appendix to the PStO. Another recommendation can be found here under semester planning. The order of occupancy is not mandatory.

Special regulations

The garbage can regulation benefits the major students. According to her, the worst graded achievements amounting to 1/6 of the total ECTS are not included in the final Bachelor grade.

The LMU does not offer part-time computer science studies. If you are interested, we would like to speak to you. Please contact us!

Semester planning

The following websites are of great importance when compiling the timetable.

Lecture websites

The courses listed here are compulsory or elective subjects and must be passed in order to successfully complete your degree:

  • Curriculum major:
  • Curriculum minor subject

The associated lecture websites are linked in the following overview:

  • Current course offer


Registration for exams and exams

Registration for both the tutorials and the (post) exams is done with uni2work (a.k.a. "You need to work"):

  • uni2work

For some modules, registration on other platforms (e.g. Backstage or Moodle) is necessary. This is usually pointed out in the first lecture.

Exam dates

Our course coordinator provides an overview of the current exam dates online: (XX: ws or ss; YY: year), e.g. B.

  • WiSe18 / 19
  • SoSe19

••• •••

With the overview, exam planning is made easier for students and exam overlaps can be discovered more quickly.



A "Kontoauszug", not to be confused with the Transcript of Record, can be downloaded from the following page:

  • Exam administration and information system

An English version of the account statement is also available there.
The grades are entered automatically in most cases. It rarely happens that the grades are not automatically forwarded to our course coordinator (e.g. this does not always happen in the main subjects of mathematics).

Exam review

In the exam review, students can review their written exam and, if necessary, contest the correction.
There is usually only one official date where all exam participants can take part in the inspection. If you are prevented, you can request an alternative date.


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