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General Information

Legal framework as well as questions and answers that do not specifically relate to a course of study.

We cannot not guarantee any liability for the tips given below. Please consult a lawyer if necessary.

Obligation to attend

The Bavarian Higher Education Act stipulates a very general freedom of study in Art. 3 Para. 4, which the university may only restrict in order to ensure proper operation.

Based on this, the legal department of the LMU has created a declaration that excludes the obligation to attend in most cases. Attendance requirements must always be stated in the examination regulations and justified. The only valid reasons for attendance are events at which everyone must be present (e.g. orchestra) or where you have to be at a special location (e.g. experimental internships).

This basically precludes attendance requirements in lectures and exercises. For seminars, there is no obligation to attend, a general justification such as "everyone is part of the seminar" is not sufficient.

Bonus points on exercise sheets

Since mandatory exercise sheet information is usually inadmissible, regulations are often introduced that reward the editing of exercise sheets with a grade / point bonus for the exam. These systems all live in a legal gray area, since according to the examination regulations they don't (and probably never will) exist.

However, this does not mean that everything is possible within the framework of a bonus system. The type and structure of the bonus system must be announced at the beginning of the semester and cannot be changed at will. Furthermore, the bonus system must not fundamentally change the nature of the exam and have no negative effects on those who do not have bonus points. This means that the bonus system may only reward and not punish and the influence of the bonus points on the result of the exam must not be too large (roughly one or two grades). Furthermore, the 1.0 must also be realistically achievable without bonus points, realistically means that the point range for the 1.0 must not be smaller than that for the grades below.

Incorrect exam information

Errors in the exam, or in general in the course of the examination, must be reported in writing to the examination office or to the chairperson of the examination board, in accordance with all examination regulations, before the results are announced, but no later than one month after the examination.

Source: respective examination regulations, paragraph "Defects in the examination procedure"

Exam review

For each exam there must be an insight in which you can look at its exam, the correction, and the associated information. In the case of an oral examination, this refers to the protocol prepared.

Furthermore, it is allowed to make a copy for your own use (e.g. by taking pictures with your mobile phone), or copies must be made on request. In the second case, copying costs may be charged, but these must be in the normal range (5-10ct per page).

Source: Examination regulations; Mail of the legal department

Correction error


A lecturer doesn't stick to it!

If a lecturer does not adhere to the rules of the examination regulations, speak to the lecturer and explain that this is not permitted. We have provided everything as far as possible with references, so that you can take the appropriate positions as an argumentation aid. It is best not to do it alone, but as many as possible.

If the lecturer is unreasonable or if you do not want to talk to the lecturer personally, please contact us. We as a student council can argue differently towards the lecturer, since we are not directly participants in the event. We also know the important people and positions at the university in case the lecturer is completely inconsiderate.


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