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Computer science teaching post

Explanations of the examination regulations and procedures in the teaching degree in computer science.

Important websites

For computer science, the most important page is the website of the computer science institute. In addition, Uniworx is a platform specially used by IT. Here, the training mode, the exam registration is regulated.

Computer science didactics also has its own main page. Under the folder on this page you will find more detailed information about the courses.

In addition to the examination regulations for computer science (for Gymnasium or Realschule), the page for the description of the course (for Gymnasium or Realschule) is very interesting, because everything related to the course is summarized and the module plan is very clearly presented.

Mandatory modules

At the beginning, the compulsory modules should be attended. In the first semester, this is the lecture "Introduction to Programming" (short: EIP)

The compulsory modules for the following semesters can be found in the study regulations linked above.


For most lectures on computer science there is a retake for each lecture, which usually takes place at the end of the semester break.

Failed exams can usually be repeated as often as required. In addition, most exams may be repeated once to improve grades. (An exception is e.g. the software development internship)

More details can be found in the LPO (teacher training examination regulations), which is already linked above.

Examination inspection

The lecturers should allow the exam to be viewed. The date of this is usually announced via Uniworx or on the corresponding lecture page.


Further useful information on teacher training, grade calculation, ... can be found on the website of the MZL (Munich Center for Teacher Education).

Account statement: contains all grades. This can be called up on this page. In addition, most grades can also be accessed via Uniworx.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GAF, by email at: or in person in room B038.


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