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Bachelor of Physics

Explanations of the examination regulations and procedures in the Bachelor Physics.

Important websites

There is a website from the Examination Office for Physics that lists the formalities for the Bachelor's degree, in particular for the Bachelor's thesis and exams. There is also the examination office a page with the latest news, which describes the implementation of some rules in more detail. Furthermore, the examination board has some approvals that go beyond the examination regulations.

Examination regulations

In the "normal" Bachelor Physics, the examination regulations of 2006 with the amendment regulations of 2014 apply, which only regulate new legal requirements for the recognition of examination results.

For the Bachelor plus Meteorology the examination regulations of 2006 with the amendment regulations of 2014 apply, which implements the same changes as for the normal Bachelor.

The Bachelor plus Astronomy has no approved examination regulations so far, the examination regulations of the Bachelor Physics apply with special regulations of the examination board.

Obligation to attend

Are only permitted in the internships, more detailed information under General Information.

Mandatory exercise sheet fees

Compulsory exercise charges are permissible (but not necessarily) in the mathematics courses 1 to 3 and in the numerical analysis. This follows from Appendix 2 of the examination regulations.

In all other lectures compulsory exercise sheet submissions are not permitted, voluntary submissions are of course possible at any time.


In the Bachelor of Physics there is a retake for each of the compulsory lectures (i.e. all except the 12 ECTS electives), which usually takes place at the end of the semester break. You can write both exams independently, the better of both grades counts.

If one of the two exams is passed, the exam cannot be written again next year, even if you have only written one of the two. An exception is absence due to no fault of your own (mostly illness, medical certificate required as proof), then the exam may be written one year later for improvement.

Source: Announcement of the Examination Office from July 9, 2011


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