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Master of Physics

Important websites

There is a website from the Examination Office for Physics that lists the formalities for the master's programs, especially for the master's thesis. Furthermore, the Examination Office has a page with current reports, which describes the implementation of some rules in more detail. Furthermore, the examination board has some approvals that go beyond the examination regulations.

Examination regulations

For the Master of Physics, the study regulations of 2009 apply with the 2014 amendment, which regulates the recognition practice anew.

For the Master of Physics with a focus on biophysics, the study regulations of the Master of Physics apply with a special curriculum. The same applies to the Master of Physics with a focus on medical physics, which also has its own curriculum.

The study regulations of 2009 apply to the Master Astrophysics with the amendments from 2010 and 2014. The first amendments update Annex 2 and thus the courses to be taken, the second amendments regulate the recognition practice of externally documented events.

For the Master in theoretical and mathematical physics, the study regulations of 2010 apply with the amendment statutes of 2014. Furthermore, there are statutes for the suitability procedure from 2007 with an amendment of 2014.


According to a decision of the faculty council, two repetitions are offered in the lectures advanced solid state physics, advanced particle physics, advanced statistical physics and quantum mechanics. We deal with these in the Bachelor, so there is a second exam at the end of the semester break, both exams may always be written and the better of both grades counts. In the event of justified absence (illness), the second exam may be written one year later.

In all other master lectures there are no repeat exams to improve grades. For students who could not show up for the reason (e.g. due to illness, certificate required), a repeat exam must still be offered.

Exercise sheet levies

None of the master substitutes allows for mandatory exercise sheet fees. Only voluntary exercise sheet submissions are permitted, with bonus points if necessary. There is an entry for bonus points under the general information.


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