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Information for ukrainian refugees and russians

We have collected a few links to information that should make your arrival in Germany and the beginning or continuation of your studies easier.

Arriving in Germany

Advice for refugees from Ukraine: Deutsch / український / русский
Pro Asyl gives you an up-to-date overview of the legal situation in Germany, even in your own language.

Important information about entry and stay for people from Ukraine you can find in the Handbook Germany. This also offers many answers to all kinds of questions about life in Germany.

Study in Germany

Here are Important information on rights and opportunities for refugee students in Germany and further links and information on the recognition of academic achievements as well as a job exchange for refugees:
Project for the integration of university graduates in Germany.
It also offers a FAQ section in Ukrainian for arrivals.

Studying at the LMU

  • Support for students from Ukraine provides a list of offers from LMU, to support Ukrainian academics for example with:
    • Scholarships
    • Consulting services of the International Office
    • Description of the requirements for studying at LMU.
  • TheLMU Preparatory Program for Refugees(Common) offers:
    • Information on the start of studies for refugees specific to the LMU
    • and support projects for refugee students (legal aid, mentoring program, psychotherapeutic support for overcoming trauma, integration services)
  • Study application for international applicants. Here you can find information on how to apply to study at LMU for all people from non-EU countries.

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