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Latest News

News from the GAF and around the University

General Assembly

The student general assembly serves as a platform for the student community to stay informed, discuss, and actively participate in university affairs. We provide information on new developments in university politics, our events, and introduce ourselves and our work as student representatives.

General Assembly - Read More…

Relaxing lecture break

Relaxing lecture break

We wish you happy and restful holidays and a fantastic start to 2024!

Relaxing lecture break - Read More…

29€ Ticket

Here you can find all information for the 29€ Ticket

29€ Ticket - Read More…

Inventory exams

Inventory of online exams based on the survey conducted at the end of the winter semester 20/21.

Inventory exams - Read More…

criticism of the amendment of the Bayerischen Hochschulgesetzes (BayHSchG)

A new law that will dramatically change our studies and the university while also diminishing student participation is to be passed.

criticism of the amendment of the Bayerischen Hochschulgesetzes (BayHSchG) - Read More…

Corona virus information

Important information from the university about the corona virus (last change: 6 Nov, Upate on WiSe 21/22)

Corona virus information - Read More…

University elections: physics

In the summer term 2020 the university elections will take place by postal vote until 23 June. On this page, the candidates of the physics (GAF) introduce themselves.

University elections: physics - Read More…

Information for ukrainian refugees and russians

We have collected a few links to information that should make your arrival in Germany and the beginning or continuation of your studies easier.

Information for ukrainian refugees and russians - Read More…

ProfCafé Summer Semester 2023

ProfCafé Summer Semester 2023

On Thursday, 13.07.23, the ProfCafé will take place again in Café Gumbel in the Mathebau from 6 to 10 pm.

ProfCafé Summer Semester 2023 - Read More…


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