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Note: The O-Phase will be nearly completely in German!

As this is an Event created for starting Bachelor Students and nearly all lectures in our Bachelor programs are held only in German, we hold it in German. But of course it is no problem if you ask us questions in english if you feel more comfortable.

The orientation phase is intended to provide basic information for first-semester students about their studies. It is organized by the math, physics and computer science departments (also known as GAF).

We ask all first-time applicants to apply for and pick up the LMUCard before the O-Phase, if possible!

When does it take place? 07.10.2020 to 09.10.2020 (Wednesday to Friday in the last week before the start of the lecture period.)

Where does it take place? You will find the meeting points for the respective days in the email that will be sent to you shortly before the O phase if you have registered. We will explore the university grounds and all important buildings so that you can get a first impression. If you do not have time from the beginning, you can also come to the specified room later for lectures. For other types of events, such as a university rally or a tour of the tutors, you can take a look at the headquarters. If you are unsure where you can find which rooms, you can use the LMU's room finder for orientation.

Who can participate? New students in these subjects - no matter whether Bachelor, Master or teaching degree!

What awaits you? You can find the schedule here. We offer you the opportunity to get to know your new fellow students, the university, university life, the city and the student council, of which you will be part. As well as the opportunity to get all the important accounts and cards you need to study at once.

How can i participate? Registration is required, all important information will then be sent to you by email. For our planning, we ask you to register by September 30th, 2020, but in principle a later registration is also possible.

Since we will collect various important ID cards (library, cafeteria etc.) with you, please bring your student ID and ID card with you. Foreign students wishing to have a library card issued are asked to bring a registration confirmation.

Why should you participate?

  • Because we want to give you a smooth start to your studies!
  • Because you meet a lot of new people!
  • Because there is delicious food!
  • Because you can already experience a lecturer live!


There is an additional O-Phase for the teaching position. It is organized by the Munich Center for Teacher Education (MZL) in cooperation with the teaching department. It is a supplement to our O phase. We recommend visiting both.



There is also an O-Phase for the masters, which is especially intended for new Munich residents. You get to know the city, the university and many new people. After registering, you will receive an email in which you will find all the information you need.

Do I have to do anything now?

Media Computer Science: With the media design application subject, you shouldn't forget to hand in and collect folders.

For Bachelor (math, physics, "normal" computer science) only the enrollment has to be done before the first lecture.


Any questions? / Headquarters

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to During the O phase you can come to our headquarters in Café Gumbel (at Theresienstraße 39) or call her on 089/2180 4382.


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