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ZHS (university sports center munich)

For the physical balance to study, you can go to expensive fitness centers or try one of the many interesting sports that the ZHS offers at a relatively low price (from € 7.50 per semester). The majority of the offer takes place on the Olympic site and (apart from the bike) is best reached with the U3 (Olympiazentrum) and a short walk through the Olympic village. To participate, you need a ZHS ID card of the corresponding category with valid sports brands, which must be booked online. Afterwards you have to get an ID with printed out booking confirmation, student ID, photo ID and passport photo and get the appropriate stamps. In the first week of the semester
this is possible in the city center (Schellingstrasse 3, Leopoldstrasse 13), the rest of the time in the ZHS in the Olympic Center.
The ZHS offers a wide range of sports with very different requirements (beginners, advanced, free training, ...). You can find the complete range of sports here and in the university sports booklet, which is available at the beginning of the semester in the Gumbel. For many courses, online registration is only formally mandatory to be able to participate, but note that there are sports that are very popular and therefore quickly occupied (e.g. sailing or mountaineering). For safety reasons, bring your registration confirmation with you to such events.


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