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The Gumbel (Studentsroom)

What is the Gumbel?

The Gumbel is a student stay and event room in the math building in room B029, named after the mathematician Emil Julius Gumbel.

When there was no student lounge in the math building more than 20 years ago and the only cafeteria at Leopoldstrasse 13 was far away, the students in the math building started to draw attention to themselves. They occupied an auditorium in the math building, sold coffee there and went on strike for a student lounge. This gave rise to the Café Gumbel, at that time in a larger room on the first floor.


Many student and faculty events take place in the Gumbel. These include the faculty festival, the annual professors' café for freshmen and many other events.

The Gumbel can and should also be used by all students: You can "rent" the Gumbel: We will be happy to provide you with the Gumbel, including the entire facility, free of charge, if you orgenize an Event that all students can join. If you are interested, just click here.


The Gumbel was rebuilt in 2011: The main reason for this was the fact that, due to the lack of sound insulation, conversations from different groups in the Gumbel were impossible. Even with the existing lighting, working in the room was out of the question.

In the course of the renovation, a soundproof ceiling was installed and the lighting was designed both for working in the gumbel and for use at events.
A media system including a projector was also installed and the tea kitchen was converted into a separate kitchen, which can be used to hold large events such as the faculty festival.


Do you want to rent the gumbel or know something? Turn confidently to the Gumbelteam (


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