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AK Root

The AK Root is responsible for the servers and services of the GAF and several other student associations of the LMU.

The AK Root takes care of the servers and services of the GAF and some other student councils at the LMU.

Our main tasks include the maintenance of various services that can be used for student council work or for students, such as mailing lists, the student council homepage or the collection of exams. Occasionally, hardware work on our servers is necessary.


Since our servers run exclusively on Linux, the AK Root is a good opportunity to find out how to use Linux or to expand existing Linux knowledge and take responsibility for IT systems.




Responsible and Contact


           Aldo                         Marian


TLDR: if interested and general questions write to root ÂT

Root meetings and hacking nights:

We usually sit down every month on the last Tuesday, when lectures take place, and discuss various IT-related issues. Deviatingly, a hacking night takes place three to four times a year, which usually takes place at the weekend and can also go on all night. In addition, there are sometimes additional meetings during the semester break (and occasionally during the lecture period) when larger tasks are pending.

If you want to know when meetings take place, where even the uninitiated can watch and learn something or take part, subscribe to the Hackingnight mailing list right here ;)

We are responsible for this:

  • Update servers (virtual and physical)
  • Establishment and operation of various web services
  • Hardware maintenance


Current projects:

  • Creation of a new physical server
  • Setting up a chat service (matrix)
  • Planning to deploy more web services to a larger number of other student councils
  • ...


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