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Written exams and examination records

You can download or borrow old exams from us for preparation. There are also test minutes of oral exams. You can find out how to do this here.

The old exam and script collection

On you will find the exams of the past years that your predecessors gave us. Access to the old exams is password-protected. You can have the password sent to your campus address on our website, or you can come and see us personally. Please do not publish the password in forums or the like, but only pass it on internally to LMU students. If the login information given to you does not work, try changing the case.

On our collection page there are also notes on lectures, examination protocols for the state examination and the intermediate examination, as well as old protocols from diploma years.
Note: For the time being, we only collect notes that we have written, and in particular no official scripts from the teachers. We have digitized all the protocols that we previously had in our files in the student council and made them available there.

The exam page lives from the fact that all students contribute to it. If you have new old exams or have made a protocol of your oral exam, drop them off at the GAF or send them to us by email at

Previously: Minutes and exams were digitally uploaded to or were available here (only from the CIP computers or via ssh).

Obligations in connection with exams

There are special duties here primarily at the Institute for Computer Science. Since the summer semester 2013 it has been valid here that failed exams and those for which one was registered and did not appear are noted as failed attempts in the Transcript of Records. Therefore:

  • If you are registered for an exam, at least go there and validate it.
  • If you really don't want to take the exam, for whatever reason, unsubscribe in good time.


Right to inspect an examination result

According to the LMU's legal department, students are to be given access to a module examination that they have completed within at least 3 months or within a period that is customary for the location; in this context, it is legitimate to announce the inspection dates and to restrict access to individual dates.

It should be noted that there is an obligation to provide several dates, to give each student the opportunity to inspect and to agree on additional dates with individual students, provided that they are unable to take advantage of the regular ones for reasons that are not their own fault.

Right to have a private copy of a completed exam

The topic "Copies and copies of exams" is a subject of much discussion between students and lecturers. The Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts deals with the legal situation of this issue in a letter. It is pointed out that copies and copies of examination papers are permitted. The original text translated is:

    "Students may only be denied the opportunity to make copies and copies of examination papers within the scope of the inspection, based on the corresponding provisions in the university examination regulations. Since students have to submit substantiated complaints to exercise legal remedies against incorrect correction, regulations of the university examination regulations are those that Prohibit making copies or photocopies, only if there is a factually justifiable reason for this, which must also be specified in the regulation (right to effective legal protection, see Art. 19 Para. 4 Basic Law) Exam task to be used again in a later exam is not sufficient. "


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