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E-learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The exchange with fellow students is no problem, despite the online courses and social distancing. A variety of free online platforms make it possible.

Even in corona times, it is important to get together in learning groups to work on tasks or to discuss material. This does not have to be due to social distancing. There are a variety of free, sometimes free programs and platforms that enable video conferencing, voice chats and collaborative work.

  • Jitsi hosted by LRZ, a tool for video conferencing. Anyone who has an LRZ ID (i.e. all students at the LMU) has access. All you need is a browser, Google Chrome is recommended
  • free software that allows language conferences
  • free but proprietary software that allows chats and voice conferences and in which you can share your screen


Collaboration programs - enables real-time editing of texts:

  • enables working together on documents: creating documents using Markdown. You can create a note by clicking on "use for free" at the bottom of the page
  • exactly the same, just a different name. You create a new Nouit by clicking on "new guest note" in the top left
  • enables working together on documents in the style of Word
  • joint editing of LaTeX documents. An account has to be created


The university also offers the following for students:


There are also many Whatsapp and Telegram groups managed by the students themselves, Discordchannel, Slack-Channel (for computer scientists) and other communication platforms that serve the exchange. We have access to some of them. If you want to be added, contact us at with subject: subject and semester.
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