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Der Goldene Sommerfeld

The good teaching in physics arward has already been awarded several times by the student council to particularly committed lecturers and tutors. The aim is to honor outstanding lectures and tutorials and to mark them as a good example.


laureates 2022


Best Bachelorlecture:
Best Masterlecture:

Best Bachelortutorials:
Best Mastertutorial:

laureates 2021


Best Bachelorlecture:
Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft (for T0 -
Mathematical Methods)
Best Masterlecture:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Udem (for Quantum Optics)

Best Bachelortutorials:
Florian Zacherl (for E1 - Mechanics und E2 - Thermo- und Elektrodynamics),
Silas Zelmer (for T2 - Quantum mechanics),
Jan Drewniok (for E6 - Solid state physics)

Best Mastertutorial:
Lukas Homeier (for T_M1 - Advanced Statistical Physics)


laureates 2019


Best Bachelorlecture:
Prof. Dr. Jan Lipfert (for E2 - Thermo- und Elektrodynamik)
Best Masterlecture:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Punk (for Theoretical Solid State Physics)


Best Bachelortutorials:
Anne Reif (for M1 - Mathematik für Physiker),
Jago Silberbauer (for M1 - Mathematik für Physiker),
Julian Freigang (for T2 - Quantenmechanik)
Best Mastertutorial:
Jonathan Schulz (for Quantum Mechanics II)


laureates 2017


Most educational lecture:
Prof. Dr. Jan von Delft (for T1 - theoretical Mechanics)
Greatest committment:
Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch (for E4 - Atomic und Molecular physics)

Most entertaining lecture:
Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr (for Introduction to Bohmian Mechanics)


Best Tutorials:
Lukas Homeier (for T0 - Mathematical Methods),
Nils-Oliver Linden (for T4 - Thermodynamics und Statistical Physics),
Maximilan Kögler (for T3 - Electrodynamics)




ceremony 2021


ceremony 2019


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