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Before Studying

Useful information and events for almost students.

Introductory offers

From trial studies to orientation phase - here you will find all the offers for pupils and new students.


Orientation phase

In the O-Phase you will learn everything you need to start your studies smoothly.


Fresh student weekend

The Erstiwochenende offers a good opportunity to get to know your fellow students and your student association better at games and introduction events to the work of the GAF.

Bridge courses

The aim of the bridging courses is to bring all new students to the same status. The math school material is repeated while first glimpses of university mathematics are offered.

Trial studies

During the summer holidays, the LMU offers trial studies in which you can get a taste of university air while still at school.

Decision support

Are you considering studying at the LMU, but are you still unsure? Maybe our Pro & Contra list will help you.


The most important information for new students at a glance.

Timetable suggestions

Since it is often difficult to learn from the course catalog, we have created some sample timetables.


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