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Decision support

Pros and cons to study at the LMU

Please consider this only as a brief overview of the GAF courses (physics, math, info) and not as a guide. Most of these opinions are, of course, personal and not all can be proven. The best thing to do is to visit us (or email / call us) and get your own picture if you want (course) specific information.


  • Good scientific reputation and modern research in many areas
  • Possibility to attend other subjects (from philosophy to vampirism to Nordic philology); there is almost everything at LMU
  • In math and computer science: many minor subjects (if you put them together)
  • Central location in the city center (English garden within walking distance, not Garching)
  • Many public lectures and colloquia from all areas of specialization
  • Student advisors and other contact points in the faculty are usually very hard-working, capable and flexible
  • Almost no fixed restrictions on attending an event
  • Almost no obligation to attend lectures
  • Lots of culture, lots of celebrations and parties in Munich
  • Jobs in Munich are paid above average
  •     Great introductory event; O-phase, Ersti weekend, trial lessons, preliminary study, bridging courses,
  • Even better student council with regular promotions such as sheep's head evenings or professor cafe;)



  • Tough university administration
  • Munich is very expensive (accommodation, food ...)
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Some professors and also higher committees convey that students are unimportant to disturbing at best
  • Scripts for lectures are not always available
  • Math building on Theresienstrasse is really not aesthetic, stuffy lecture halls and seminar rooms without daylight
  • Computer, soft skill and vacation courses tight
  • Little (group) jobs available
  • Munich cafeteria is at the lower end of the nationwide scale



  • The LMU is the largest full-time university in Germany (only the FernUni Hagen is larger)
  • In comparison to other universities, all GAF subjects are more or less very theoretical


If you want to have a comparison with other universities (initially only for physics), visit the physics study guide. There is information provided by the student councils of many other German universities to help you find your way around.


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