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University election 2022: Physics

The university elections will take place in summer term 2022 via online or postal voting between July 05 and July 07. On this page the candidates of Physics (GAF) introduce themselves.

General information about the university elections can be found here:



Thank you for your support in the university election 2022. We are looking forward to representing you next year again.

You can send us your wishes, questions, suggestions etc. via or just come by the office!




Our represantatives for 2022/23


Matthias Heim

Subject: Physik BSc. mit Vertiefung Astrophysik
Semester: 6

Why do I want to be elected?
I have great fun working on problems together with students and lecturers and finding a suitable solution for everyone. Especially the insight into university politics and the possibility to actively shape university life have motivated me to become active in the student council.



Antoine Pihet

Subject: Physik BSc
Semester: 6

Why do I want to be elected?
I would especially like to support good teaching, which is why I have been active in the AK Lehre- und Studium since my first semester, which I now also coordinate. I would be happy to continue as a student representative for another year and thus continue to be your first contact person during your studies.



Lena Heidenreich

Subject: Physik BSc
Semester: 4

Why do I want to be elected? 

I have been involved in the AK LuSt for some time, where I got to know and appreciate the topic of university politics. With my commitment, I would like to ensure that the concerns, interests, wishes and ideas of students are taken seriously and do not simply fall under the table in the everyday life at the university. University politics concerns us all, because we can actually make our everyday life at the university better. I want to work for student-oriented teaching, for constructive exchange and for a fairer everyday life at the university.



Tom Körner

Subject: Physics and Computer Science in Bachelor
Semester: Physics in the second snd Computer Science in the third Semester

Why do I want to be elected? 
As a first-year student, I am very aware of the difficulties at the beginning of my studies and would like to work to improve teaching and studying. For this purpose, I am already active in the working group Lehre und Studium and would also like to get involved in university politics for better education. So that I can represent you students, I would be very happy about your vote!



Helen Zwölfer

Subject: Physics und Mathematics in the Bachelor
Semester: Physics in the 6th and Mathematics in the 4th Semester

Why do I want to be elected? 

Last year I was elected for the first time and so I have now been active in the Faculty Council for a year. I liked this very much and it was exciting to participate and thus learn more about the tasks and work of the Faculty Council and university politics. Therefore, I would like to continue this task and would be happy if you vote for me.





Benedict Röcken

Subject: Physics BSc.
Semester: 6

Why do I want to be elected?
I am 20 years old and I am enthusiastic about many different activities, for example making music, doing sports and of course going out with friends. I would like to stand for election this year because I feel it is especially important in these difficult times to give new students in particular the opportunity to turn to a link between students and professors with confidence. In addition, I would like to work in the Student Council Convention to represent the common interests of the Student Council as well as possible, since I am currently already allowed to get a taste of it.


Hannah Dengler

Subject: Physics BSc
Semester: 6

Why do I want to be elected? 
I would like to get some insights into the student council work. I will always have an open ear for you and try to use every opportunity to influence the university life as nice and sustainable as possible.
Jakob Brenner

Subject: Physics MSc.
Semester: 5 (Mastersemester)
Why do I want to be elected?
To continue to represent physics in the Konvent der Fachschaften (the student parliament). In the same way, I would like to continue to represent the interests of the students in the study grant commission.


Korbinian Felber

Subject: Physics Master
Semester: 5 (Mastersemester)

Why do I want to be elected?
In my last year, I would like to focus on finishing up tasks that have been started and welcoming new faces to the student council.





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