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University elections 2021: computer science

In the summer term 2021 the university elections will take place by postal vote until July 06th. On this page, the candidates of the physics (GAF) introduce themselves.

Due to the special situation it will be carried out by postal vote this semester. The documents will be sent by mail.


General information about the university elections can be found here (in german):


Our candidates

Matias Kornacher Melero

Course: Computer Science BSc.
Semester: 7

Why do I want to be elected?
Last year I was the representative for the computer science student council in the students convention and I would like to be the same in the coming year. In the students convention, all matters of the student representation as well as various student projects and units are dealt with. If you are interested in this work or any other department, please feel free to contact me and get involved!



Laura Gamisch

Course: Computer Science MSc. and Media Informatics MSc.
begin of studies: SoSe 2019 and WiSe 2020

Why do I want to be elected?
I have been studying computer science at LMU since October 2015 and have therefore already gained experience in many areas (e.g. studies in general, administration, HoPo, events, etc.). Currently I'm leading the AK Feste and I'm taking care of various events - just recently I organized the Lange Nacht der Universitäten and the Sommer O-Phase. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the computer science studies, I'm happy to help.



Barbara Seidinger

Course: Master Computer Science
Semester: 2 (Mastersemester)

Why do I want to be elected? 
I joined GAF only a short time ago because I would like to help with events and various matters of our study program. Recently, I have taken on the task of exchanging information with the professors about current topics in teaching and student issue. I would like to be elected to present the students officially.



Ivo Christ

Course: Computer Science MSc.
Semester: 2 (Master semester)

Why do I want to be elected?
I like to help students with their problems within the working group Lehre & Studium. Since I did not complete my bachelor's degree at LMU, but at a university of applied science, I can well understand the challenges involved in the transfer and support there. I am also active in appointment committees for future professorships and represent the student perspective there.



Leo Egorov

Course: Computer Science MSc.
Semester: 9

Why do I want to be elected?
Hi there! There's a need for a student respresentative in our study subsidy commitee which makes decisions about how teaching grants for the Computer Science faculty are being spent. Besides taking a gander at our faculty's finance I'd like to complete developing and deploy our info screen in our Cafe Gumbel.



Laura Moser

Course: Computer Science BSc.
Semester: 2

Why do I want to be elected?
I am an active member of GAF since my first semester and I am one of the main organizers of the winter-o-phase in 2021. I enjoy the work in the student body of our faculty. There I would like to represent us students officially and engage myself for our interests.



Phuong Pung (Yumi) Nguyen

Course: Computer Science
Semester: 5

Why do I want to be elected?
The program would not be what it is if there were not so many people in the student council who have stood up for the students. I would therefore like to make my no contribution to this.


David Fischer

Course: Computer Science
Semester: 5

Why do I want to be elected?
Since I study computer science plus mathematics in the 5th semester, I have a good insight into the basic lectures of both disciplines and can therefore assess the concerns of the students relatively well.
I have been a regular participant in the Informatik Aktive meetings for several years and would like to continue my involvement.



Rene Kohl

Course: Computer Science BSc.

Why do I want to be elected?
I study computer science in the Bachelor and would like to represent your interests. So far, I have been taking care of the exam collection, among other things.



Marie Brockschmidt

Course: Computer Science plus Mathematics
Semster: 3

Why do I want to be elected?
I enjoy being a part of the students representation.


Marian Lingsch Rosenfeld








Sebastian Unger




















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